This talc has been extensively tested and certified to meet all US Pharmacopoeia requirements for chemical and microbiological purity and the Cosmetic Manufacturers Association requirements for maximum limits on arsenic, lead, and heavy metals. These specifications make this talc ideal for medical and drug applications. This talc has been refined to maximize its softness, oleophilic surface and fragrance retention, making it ideal for cosmetic formulations for both powders and lotions.

Packing: 50 lb. paper bags
40 bags/wooden pallet
Origin: USA

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SiO2 61%
MgO 31%
Fe2O3 <1.3%
Al2O3 1%
CaO <0.5%
Pb* LT 10 ppm
As* LT 3 ppm
Heavy Metals* LT 40 ppm
Loss on Ignition LT 7.0%
Moisture (% weight loss @ 110⁰C) <0.05%

*Adheres to Cosmetic Manufacturers Association maximum amounts

Asbestos form minerals None Detected+
Acidity and Alkalinity Passes USP
Water Soluble Substances LT 0.1%
Microbial Yeast/Mold LT 50 cfu/g
Microbial Bacteria LT 100 cfu/g
Dry Whiteness (Hunter) 87
Specific Gravity 2.8
pH Value 8.0
Bulk Density 35-40 lb/ft3
Tapped Density 68 lb/ft3
Through 200 Mesh 97%
Median Particle Size 12.0 microns