This talc is an ultra-fine ground talc designed to balance the impact strength and stiffness required in automotive TPO’s, high performance polyolefins, and PVC. This talc has ore selected specifically for its utility in polymers. The ore is processed so that the powder produced has less than 0.9 micron median particle size.

Packing: 50 lb. paper bags
40 bags/wooden pallet
Origin: USA

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SiO2 60%
MgO 32%
Fe2O3 1.1%
Al2O3 1.0%
CaO 0.2%
Loss on Ignition 5.5%
Moisture (% weight loss @ 110⁰C) 0.2%
Dry Whiteness (Hunter) 89
Hegman Fineness 7
pH Value 8.8
Specific Gravity 2.8
Bulk Density 6 lb/ft3
Tapped Density 20 lb/ft3
Average (median) particle size <0.9 microns