• In pulps and paper, talc is added as a filler, its bright white color improves the opacity, brightness and whiteness of paper. Talc also improves mattness which reduces ink scuffs and improves ink absorption.
  • The addition of talc helps reduce the surface friction, improving efficiency in paper mills and print houses.

Recommended Grades

Microlite Talc Line (Microlite 20, 10, 7, 4)

Talc AG Line (Talc AG 609, Talc AG 101, Talc AG 121, Talc AG 262, Talc AG 445)

Talc MP Line (Talc MP 10-52, Talc MP 12-50, Talc MP 15-38, Talc MP 25-38, Talc MP 30-36, Talc MP 40-27, Talc MP 44-26, Talc MP 45-26)