About talc

Talc is the world’s softest mineral, and occurs naturally around the world. It is mined on every continent, and used in a nearly limitless list of applications. Physical properties of talc include: being the softest mineral, having natural slip, and a bright white color with natural luster. Talc is generally inert, meaning it does not generate chemical reactions. It also has a very high ignition temperature, making it very hard to ignite.

Talc Production

Talc is mined from mineral deposits found all over the world. Talc is also known by the names soapstone or steatite. It is mined in an open pit mine, and the ore is separated based on purity and other characteristics. The talc is then subsequently crushed and ground into fine powders and bagged for distribution.


Talc can be used in an extensive array of applications, ranging in industries from cosmetics, to industrial manufacturing. Talc is praised for its use as a dry lubricant, ability to take pigment, and inexpensive filler. To see a comprehensive list of applications broken down by industry, click here.

Our Talc Lines

Our Network

  • CB Chrystal has over 100 years in the wholesale distribution industry. We are specialized in talc and maintain a global network of mines and distributors of talc and other mineral products.
  • We source from three mines located in key locations in South America, and the Middle East, as well as domestic. We maintain inventory in a warehouse in New Jersey.