Product Offerings

Chrystal Co. offers multiple grades, qualities, packaging options, and sources of Talc.

Qualities range from industrial to technical to high purity fit for human consumption, and include the following grades:

Characteristic/ Application
#1250 Domestic Very fine particle size
#44 Domestic All-purpose grade
CT 200 Domestic Least expensive, industrial
IT Extra Imported High performance industrial
M05SL Imported Micro particle, industrial
MP15-38 USP Domestic Food, pharma, personal care
Purtalc USP Domestic Food, pharma, personal care
Sugarloaf USP Imported Food, pharma, personal care


Packaging ranges from paper bags, fiber drums, super sacks, and pails to bulk. Grade offerings include lump, granular, powder, slurry, and micron-sized. Chrystal Co. Talc is sold with lot numbers traceable to the original production, with Certificates of Analysis conforming to USP and/or Bacteria-free standards and meeting ISO 9000 standards.