• In plastics, Talc can be added as a filler. The shape of the particles can increase the rigidity, heat resistance, and reduce the shrinkage of products including polypropylene, vinyl, polyethylene, nylon and polyester.
    • Key products include: automotive parts, and household appliances
  • For rubber products, talc can be applied as a coating during manufacturing to keep surfaces from sticking. Talc also reduces the viscosity of rubber compounds, facilitating the processing of molded parts and acting as an excellent processing aid for products such as tire manufacturing.
    • Sealants and gaskets: talc provides compression resistance.
    • Stoppers: talc creates a barrier against liquids

Recommended Grades

Microlite Talc Line (Microlite 20, 10, 7, 4)

Talc AG Line (Talc AG 609, Talc AG 101, Talc AG 121, Talc AG 262, Talc AG 445)

Talc Ultra 609