• Talc can serve multiple purposes in paints and coatings. Its bright white color can greatly whiten and brighten the pigment. Talc also acts as an extender and filler to increase the surface area that can be covered and improve the ease of application. Due to its platy shape, talc helps a coating adhere to the wall without caking or sagging hen applied to a vertical surface.
  • In coatings that are sprayed on, talc’s low hardness causes less abrasion damage on spray nozzles and other application equipment.
  • Talc can also be used to improve corrosion resistance.

Recommended Grades

Talc MP Line (Talc MP 10-52, Talc MP 12-50, Talc MP 15-38, Talc MP 25-38, Talc MP 30-36, Talc MP 40-27, Talc MP 44-26, Talc MP 45-26)

Talc SR Line (Talc SR 6M, Talc SR 5M, Talc SR 4M, Talc SR 3M, Talc SR 2M)