Talc can be used for a variety of other purposes, including:

  • French chalk: also known as tailor’s chalk, talc is used for marking clothing at the tailor’s
  • Athletic applications: athletes in basketball, rock climbing, and other fields apply talc to their hands to keep them dry.
  • Golf: Golfer’s talc is used to mark the field to keep track of where the ball fell.

Recommended Grades

Talc 01 Line (Talc 01 100, Talc 01 200, Talc 01 325)

Talc CT Line (CT 200 Talc, CT 325 Talc, CT 600 Talc)

Talc MP Line (Talc MP 210; Talc MP 50-26 Talc MP 70-22)

Talc SR Line (Talc SR 6M, Talc SR 5M, Talc SR 4M, Talc SR 3M, Talc SR 2M)