• In roofing: talc is added to asphaltic materials to improve their weather resistance. It can also be dusted onto the surface of roll roofing and singles to prevent sticking.
  • For paving: talc can be added as a filler to increase the flexibility of asphalt for prevention of cracking in high-impact areas
  • For welding and other intense heat conditions: talc operates as a natural fire retardant due to its high ignition point and can operate as a lubricant at temperatures much higher than oil-based lubricants.
  • In cables, talc functions as an insulator.

Recommended Grades

Talc 01 Line (Talc 01 100, Talc 01 200, Talc 01 325)

Talc GC Line (Talc GC-20 EX, Talc GC-20, Talc GC-30 EX, Talc GC 30, Talc GC-45 EX, Talc GC 45, Talc GC 55 EX, Talc GC 55)

Talc CT Line (CT 325 Talc, CT 600 Talc)

Talc MP Line (Talc MP 210; Talc MP 50-26; Talc MP 70-22

Talc SR Line (Talc SR 6M, Talc SR 5M, Talc SR 4M, Talc SR 3M, Talc SR 2M)

Lubraseed Talc