• In cosmetics, talc’s tiny molecular structure and softness allows for it to readily adhere to skin, easily was off, and be removed without abrasion. In various products it can provide silkiness, transparency, and sheen.
  • In antiperspirants, talc is highly absorbent of oils, perspiration and odors. It is a natural lubricant, and produces an astringent effect when in contact with human skin. These qualities are also highly valued in body powders.
  • In soaps, talc is used as a filler that greatly increases the silkiness and appeal of a soap’s touch and enhance its skin performance. It also acts as a binding agent and provides firmness.

Recommended Grades

BP 250 USP

Talc MP USP Line (MP 1538 USP, MP 6030 USP, MP 9830 USP, MP 2500 USP, MP 5030 USP)

Sugarloaf Talc Line (Sugarloaf Talc USP 325, Sugarloaf Talc USP 200, Sugarloaf Talc USP 100)