Antiblock Talc 1000

This talc is designed for applications where high clarity and reduced haze are required. The beneficiation process provides unrivaled consistency of the final product’s purity and compounded color. The product’s uniformity is assured by in-process control of all aspects of the manufacturing process. The particle size distribution balances anti-blocking efficiency and optical properties.

Packing: 50 lb. paper bags
40 bags/wooden pallet
Origin: USA

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SiO2 60%
MgO 33%
Fe2O3 1.2%
Al2O3 1.0%
CaO 0.2%
Loss on Ignition 6.5%
Moisture (% weight loss @ 110⁰C) <0.5%
Dry Whiteness (Hunter) 90
Hegman Fineness 6.5
pH Value 8.9
Specific Gravity 2.8
Bulk Density 6 lb/ft3
Tapped Density 22 lb/ft3
Average (median) particle size 1.0 microns
Antiblock Talc 2500

This talc is designed for use in films for food, packaging and bag applications such as: food packaging, stretch and shrink films for packaging, grocery and trash bags, and industrial films. This talc has excellent antiblocking efficiency and provides high clarity with low haze. It exhibits low interactions with stabilizers, slip agents, and processing aids. This allows for film formulations with low coefficient of friction, excellent stability and good color. The ease of dispersion makes it suitable for use via direct addition, as a masterbatch or in high active concentrates.

Formulation recommendations: This talc is typically utilized in polyolefin films, but can also be used in PVC films. Depending on the formulation and application requirements, typical levels of antiblock range from 3000-7000 ppm. For optimal performance, we recommend using antiblock talc in combination with slip agents.

Packing: 50 lb. paper bags
40 bags/wooden pallet
Origin: USA

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Typical Applications
  • Bags
  • General Films
Typical Polymer Applications
  • LDPE – Low-densitypolyethylene
  • LLDPE – Linearlow-density polyethylene
  • PVC – Polyvinylchloride


Typical Properties
Dry Whiteness (Hunter) 89
Product Type Untreated
Specific Gravity 2.8
Bulk Density 13 lb/ft3
Average (median) particle size 3.0 microns
Top Size 14.0 microns